Motivational Take What You Need Spirit Animals

These adorable little pocket pals are just the token to brighten up your day and encourage positive thoughts and energy. Sometimes everyone needs a boost to get them through a difficult day or help with a hard decision. This set of six motivational message matchboxes can help promote positive thinking and self-confidence. Each matchbox is illustrated with a beautiful portrait of the animal. Opening the matchbox reveals a cute handmade wool felt animal and an inspirational quote to give you instant inspiration: OPTIMISM – ORANGUTAN FRIENDSHIP – SLOTH CONFIDENCE – WOLF COURAGE – TIGER GOOD LUCK - PANDA WISDOM - KOALA Whether you need a helping hand, or would just like to increase your happiness for the day, pick your animal, pop him in your pocket and take him out whenever your need your spirits lifted. This is the perfect gift for all ages that encourages positive mental health and wellbeing in our hectic everyday lives.

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