Anxiety Shower Affirmation Cards

Bring a sense of calm and inspiration to your customers' self-care routine with our Anxiety Relief Shower Affirmation Cards! These colorful, waterproof affirmation cards are designed for busy individuals seeking a daily dose of motivation and reassurance to ease their anxiety. Each set features 15 unique and soothing affirmations, perfect for anyone looking for stress relief and positive reinforcement. Product Features: Yellow Theme 15 vibrant, waterproof anxiety relief affirmation cards Easy to stick and remove from shower and mirror surfaces No adhesive required, just a touch of water to adhere to surfaces Non-toxic, food-safe, and 100% tree-free material Ideal for meditation, daily motivation, and anxiety relief Engaging expansion packs in development for even more affirmations With our Anxiety Relief Shower Affirmation Cards, your customers can start each day with a comforting and uplifting message, fostering a sense of peace and emotional well-being.

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